FeltTile is a truly unique soundabsorber, made entirely of pure Mongolian wool. The wire system lets you use your FeltTiles as room dividers or as wall absorbents, and they can be rearranged as much as you´d like.


All the way from Mongolia

FeltTile was our first product, and marks the beginning of Rom & Tonik. The wool used is bought from the mongolian shepheards, who keep sheep as they have done for hundreds of years. The main motivation behind FeltTile is to help the Mongolian nomads to sustain their traditional lifestyle, and help create safe jobs. At the same time FeltTiles is a great soundabsorber with a uniq texture and  honest appearance. 



FeltTile is manufactured in Erdenet in Mongolia. 


Product Information

FeltCeiling is made from 100% organic wool and is mounted using a wire suspensionsystem.


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There are three different standard versions of the FeltTile available. One is light grey, one is dark grey and the last is a combination of the two. We find that the calm natural tones of grey go well with just about any interior. Still, if you are looking for a specific colour don´t be afraid to ask, we do custom colouring as well.


Flexible and easy to mount

Suspended from the ceiling by wires and fastened with the Rom & Tonik pins, the FeltTiles are easy to mount and even move around. Each tile is fastened directly to the wires, so you can make pretty much any configuration you can think of.



Four tiles will make one square meter, as each FeltTile is 52 cm by 52 cm.  The thickness is as much as 4 cm in order to achieve superb acoustic dampening. And here is a nice little fun fact for you; one FeltTile contains wool from approximately two full-grown Mongolian sheep!


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