This unique and award winning product is based on 100% pure wool and is an acoustical ceiling bordering towards an art installation. The product is perfect when you wish expose the ceiling for an increased sense of space!



Out of the ordinary

With FeltCeiling we intended  to create an acoustical ceiling with striking aesthetics, and great function. We have done this by introducing a whole new way of suspending acoustical absorbers using tensioned wires. The system can easily be mounted in any room and the flexibility makes it easy to fit the absorbers around other ceiling elements like lighting and ventilation. Also the vertical orientation of the absorbers keeps most of the ceiling exposed, giving an increased sense of ceiling height.



FeltCeiling is manufactured in Erdenet, Mongolia. The plastic clips and mounting wires are produced by HV plast in Norway and Alem Teknik in Sweden.


Product Information

FeltCeiling is made out of 100% ecological wool and is mounted using a wire suspensionsystem.


Downloads:      Acoustical data



FeltRoll is made in two standard colors, light and dark grey. On the other hand if you are looking for a specific color, don´t be afraid to ask we also do custom colors. 



Felt Ceiling is made from standard baffles measuring 100cm in lengt and 20cm in width. That said it is possible to get it in other sizes as well if that is your desire. If so, don´t hesitate to contact us!